51.2V 20KW 15KW 10KW 5KW Energy Storage Battery Stackable Lithium Ion Rechargeable Batteries for houseold

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1.Stacked energy storage, large capacity, can be stacked
2.Large capacity new A-class lithium battery, higher efficiency and longer life .
3.51.2V 100AH/200AH/300AH ,suitable applicable to industrial power generation.
4.5 Years warranty ,and we will provide you with complete after-sales service

  • Specification: 51.2V 5KW/51.2V 10KW/51.2V 15KW/51.2V 20KW/51.2V 20KW
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    Product Name Stacked Home  Energy Storage Battery
    Brand Lanjing
    Model YY48100S
    Battery type Lifepo4/lithium Battery
    Voltage 51.2 V
    Nominal Capacity 100AH/200AH/300AH/400AH Customized
    Cycle life 6000 Times
    The charging ratio 0.5C
    The discharge rate 1C
    Features Environmental Safety Long Life
    Waranty 5 years warranty, over 10 years design lifespan
    Supply Ability Piece/Pieces per Day 280


    Introducing to you the cutting-edge product brought to you by Shenzhen Blue Whale New Energy - stacked home energy storage system. As a well-known company specializing in the research and development, design, manufacturing, sales and service of power energy storage products, we are honored to provide you with perfect solutions for all your energy storage needs.

    Our stacked home energy storage system is equipped with the latest lithium battery energy storage core BMS equipment, battery system and charge and discharge battery equipment to provide you with a comprehensive energy storage solution. With advanced energy storage system integration solutions, uninterrupted power supply is guaranteed anytime and anywhere.

    One of the outstanding features of our stacked home energy storage systems is their excellent high-temperature performance. It is specifically designed to withstand high temperatures to ensure optimal performance even in the most extreme conditions. This makes it ideal for areas where hot weather is a common occurrence.

    Additionally, our stackable Lifeo4 battery packs deliver superior 1C performance, allowing them to deliver consistent, reliable power. This ensures your energy storage system can meet the needs of your home or business, whether it's daily power use or emergencies.

    Installing our stacked home energy storage systems is simple. It integrates easily into standard server packages, integrating seamlessly into your existing power infrastructure. This makes it very convenient and hassle-free, saving you time and energy during installation.

    When it comes to safety, our stacked home energy storage systems are second to none. It is equipped with an advanced BMS (battery management system) including current limiting function. This ensures that the system is operating within safe parameters, preventing any potential damage or issues caused by excessive current flow.




    In addition, our stacked home energy storage systems have built-in overcharge, over-discharge and overheating protection. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your energy storage system is protected from any potential risks or hazards.

    At Shenzhen Blue Whale New Energy, we strive to provide our customers with the highest level of quality and reliability. Our stacked home energy storage systems are no exception. Designed to provide uninterruptible power, it is the perfect solution for all your energy storage needs.

    Don't wait any longer and experience the power of our stacked home energy storage systems. Contact us today to learn how you can enhance your electrical infrastructure and enjoy uninterrupted power day and night.


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